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The Importance of Good Eyewear

Glasses are one of the few items we wear every single day. For people who need them, like myself, they are an essential part of daily life. I often joke with my patients, saying, "If you see me driving around without glasses on, please save yourself and get off the road." Glasses are a genuine medical necessity that may not be life-saving like chemotherapy or blood pressure medication, but they are necessary for enhancing the quality of life. If you need glasses and don't wear them, you may experience headaches or dizziness/nausea. Additionally, you may have difficulty seeing the board at school or focusing while reading your favorite book.

The visual sense is considered the most important of the five senses, and we rely heavily on our eyes for almost everything. With that said, do you think it's a good idea to buy a medical device online to aid your most important sense?

Eyeglasses require a professional to ensure proper measurements and frame fit. Opticians go through extensive training to choose the correct products, measure optical centers, and measure segment heights for progressive lens wearers. Understandably, people who do not work in the optical field have no idea what any of that means. That's why you need opticians! Taylor Eye Care has experts here five days a week to help you with all of those special measurements and fitting heights. We also will never send a patient out of our office wearing something that does not complement their features and showcase their personality to the best of our abilities.

The lens products sold to you by Taylor Eye Care are of high quality, always. We refuse to sell anything that we would not wear ourselves or put our family members in. We honor our warranties and do our best to educate patients as much as possible about them. Not only that, but we also educate patients on how to properly clean and take care of their lenses and frames. We give our patients complimentary eyewear adjustments as well as fresh new nose pads anytime they're needed. When you buy online, you have no idea what type of product you’re receiving and don’t have a professional around to ensure they fit you properly. Glasses are not a one-size-fits-all product!

You really can't beat having a team of professionals around you who know your prescription, helping you select your lenses and frames. Opticians learn about face shapes and what style of frame would suit your face shape. They are also knowledgeable about which frame types and shapes would accommodate certain prescriptions better than others. You can't get that type of advice online. Virtual try-ons are nice, but it's much nicer to have a genuine opinion from someone who truly wants to help you look your best and see to the best of your ability!

Talk soon,

Morgan DiMaggio, CPOA

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